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Our area of expertise is digital enterprise transformation in business software which in a nutshell means that we see problems and then come up with innovative solutions to neutralize them.


Knowledge is our vision, We want to explore possiblities with quality..


We are working in IT since 2012. Our journy is great source of our motivation.


We see technology as greate opportunity for connecting world together.

Task Track Management system

We develop custom enterprise business software solutions such as Task Track Management system our product which provides you many feature to manage your employees task,attendance. Also it provides functionality to chat with department directly from our android application of business services online which help to separate work and personal chats. Because of its chat functionality user can focus on work instead of distracted with other personal chats. It has Location feature which assure that employees can't make false entry.

Technology And Feature
That makes difference.

Technology is great way to connecting the world together. Our goal with technology is make difference in society.


We have very experience persons in our team. We have developed some very well known business software apps in android. We are providing multiple technologies in android, We can provide java, kotlin or hybrid as programming language.


We are providing tech support in asp.net which is very rebust and dynamic language for web development. Asp.net is one of the very well known language in web technologies. In Asp.net we have developed very flexible and fast websites.


Java is one of the best and advance language among all languages. Java is old school language which means it has very reach sets of libraries and support system for development. Java is one of the strongest language.


When we want to develope any web app or website we have to give a thought about PHP or it's framework. PHP is the core language for web development and it never gone out of fashion. PHP is the easiest and yet secure for web security.


In the development of desktop app we are know that C# is one of the best language. Because of its native support by Microsoft it self it is very dynamic and easy to convert in any other teechnology We can also provide online support and web connectivity.

Digital Marketing

Custom software development works best when you are looking for a trusted partner to take care of the entire business software development cycle. Are you planning to launch a new product or a startup?

Learn online
from our blog.

Our software development company providing some tutorials in our blog for peoples who wanted to learn any technology. Our expert staff provides back support and also answer to some of your problem related to any language.

Courses for Free

R(code) software development company mission is to help our customers successfully convert their ideas into reliable, scalable and innovative software products and solutions.

everyone can join us.

We are organizing many events and workshop for our client and people who want to join us or learn something new.


Job offer

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Job offer

we are hiring now


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